Kirill Vishniakov

Research Associate - AI in Genomics @G42 Healthcare.


My name is Kirill, and I am currently a Research Associate for AI at G42 Healthcare, a global tech-enabled healthcare company. I obtained MSc in Computer Vision at MBZUAI, where I worked in the Center of Integrative Intelligence (CIAI) with Dr. Zhiqiang Shen and Prof. Eric Xing. During my time at MBZUAI I was also fortunate to work with Dr. Zhuang Liu from Meta AI Research. My research interests primarily focus on deep learning, computer vision and foundation models. Before joining MBZUAI, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from St.Petersburg Polytechnic University and worked at Soter Analytics as Data Scientist where I helped to develop ergonomic solutions and wearable devices.

Aside from my academic pursuits, I sometimes participate in different machine competitions and achieved rank of a Kaggle Competition Master.

selected publications

  1. beyond-inet.png
    ConvNet vs Transformer, Supervised vs CLIP: Beyond ImageNet Accuracy
    Kirill Vishniakov, Zhiqiang Shen, and Zhuang Liu
    arXiv preprint 2311.09215, 2023
  2. weight_selection.png
    Initializing Models with Larger Ones
    Zhiqiu Xu, Yanjie Chen, Kirill Vishniakov, Yida Yin, Zhiqiang Shen, Trevor Darrell, Lingjie Liu, and Zhuang Liu
    In ICLR, Spotlight Top 5%, 2024